How Miami Heat Fans Reacted to Their Thursday Loss Against the Boston Celtics on Twitter

How Miami Heat Fans Reacted to Their Thursday Loss Against the Boston Celtics on Twitter. The Boston Celtics’ lopsided victory against the Miami Heat raises serious concerns among supporters.

The Miami Heat’s catastrophic loss to the Boston Celtics on Thursday night caused them to fall to seventh place in the Eastern Conference.

To be fair, the club they lost to might have been the best in the league. But Heat supporters want to see improvement, and losing at home by 33 points to a conference opponent is undoubtedly not motivating. It’s frustrating to lose a blowout, but perhaps the frustration would be lessened if Miami weren’t currently on a five-game losing run.

The starting five of the Celtics displayed their All-Star level performance, combining for 95 points on 16 of 32 three-point attempts. Boston, who shot 55% from beyond the arc on Thursday night, got exactly what they wanted. In the East Finals rematch, Tatum scores 26 points as the Celtics humiliate the Heat, 143-110

Terry Rozier hasn’t had the effect that supporters had hoped for after just two games. They are no longer willing to make an instant change in the backcourt. Rozier only scored seven points in 29 minutes, going 3 of 10.

Given how many Boston fans trash-bash the Heat in the comments area, this could just as easily be a story about the Celtics on Twitter. They were defeated by Miami in the previous postseason’s conference finals, thus the negative feelings are still there.

Jaime Jaquez Jr., the rookie star, hasn’t played since January 14 due to a groin ailment. Is it a coincidence that the Heat are 1-5 in his absence? didn’t believe that. Jayson Tatum considers the passing of Kobe Bryant four years ago.

Following their fifth straight loss, supporters are looking for explanations. Nothing has happened to produce the expected mid-season turnaround. On Saturday, they should be able to find a way to defeat the New York Knicks (28-17).

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