The Fluminense lads endure but secure their first triumph in Carioca

The Fluminense lads endure but secure their first triumph in Carioca. The two-time champion from Rio, who played with the reserve team, was led in scoring by Lelê and Isaac, the top players on the pitch.

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It wasn’t simple. Fluminense defeated Portuguesa da Ilha do Governador 2-1 this Sunday afternoon at the Moça Bonita stadium, primarily due to the field being too much of an opponent for both teams.

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Lelê and Isaac scored the goals, while Ronaldo netted one for the guests.

For Tricolor das Laranjeiras, the reigning two-time state champion, it was her maiden Carioca Championship triumph. As a result, the Marcão-led club now sits in fourth position in the league standings.

Lusa suffered their first defeat in the tournament after winning on their debut.

Take the L!

Lelê wasn’t particularly good; Isaac, who scored a lovely goal and possibly the team’s lone clever play in the second half, was Fluminense’s best player, and he scored again. He takes advantage of the opportunity at the beginning of the competition, having scored twice in his first two games at Carioca.

Cautionary Full-back Ronaldo was benched to begin. He entered the game in the first half and quickly rose to prominence. The equalizing goal—well, it appears to have been accidental—was achieved by him, and he was the one who most irritated Tricolor. And against Cristiano, the full-back for Fluminense, he nearly always prevailed. He nearly tied the game in the end with a header.

Future appointments:

Marcão’s Fluminense will play Audax in the following round while still fielding a reserve squad. The game is set to take place on Thursday at the Elcyr Resende stadium in Bacaxá at 9:30 p.m.

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Lusa goes back to her hometown of Ilha do Governador to play. hosts Sampaio Corrêa on Wednesday, March 21, at 7 p.m. at Luso-Brasileiro.


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